SEO Consultancy & Affordable SEO Services

My SEO Consultancy service can be critical to your success in growing your business online. 81% of shoppers begin their sales journey with a search engine. That’s why it is tough for to grow online if you are not ranking highly for valuable search keywords in your industry.

With my affordable SEO service, I can help give you the boost you need to reach the top of search engines like Google. My expertise allows me to keep up to date with the latest industry best practices to ensure that you stay ahead of your competition.

I look at a number of important factors that affect how you rank on search engines.

This includes an SEO audit and technical evaluation of your website, a review of the quality of the content on your website, the quality of links pointing to and from your website and I conduct a thorough evaluation of your competitors’ SEO practices also to help give you an edge.

SEO Consultancy

If you are looking for professional advice and some feedback on your current SEO efforts, or how to get started with SEO, I can help you learn more about what works and what doesn’t. If you truly want to make a difference for your website when it comes to getting found with search online, then look no further.

Website SEO

We perform an SEO audit of your website to learn your current search ranking. We then work with you to create an actionable SEO strategy that will clearly show you the biggest areas of improvement. Some of the ways we can improve your website’s SEO are:

  • Keyword Research and optimization
  • Optimizing page title tags
  • Optimizing header tags on all pages
  • Image tags & titles optimization to appear in Google Image search
  • Speed up your website to improve user experience and rank higher in search

Content SEO

Every good SEO strategy needs a planned approach when creating content. Quality content is what attracts visitors to your site and keeps them coming back for more. I use keyword research to help you identify what content your customers care about. Then, I can help you create this content and optimize it properly for search engines so you can rank higher than your competitors.

Creating content is only half of the battle. After the content has been created, I then help you identify how to get your content seen by customers and linked to by other well-known websites. This will help you build a strong brand and authority online.

Local Search Marketing

Our online business listing service will help you get found locally. We take your business details and submit them to the top online listing directories.

This helps you build up “citations” for your business online which are essentially online mentions of your business and location. Services like Google Maps search for these citations online. The more citations you have the higher your business will rank on Google Maps  and similar services.